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Why Use WordPress For Your Website

WordPress Logo on Snug Harbor DesignI frequently get asked why I have settled on WordPress as my choice for designing and developing websites. WordPress is recognized as one of the leading blogging platforms available, yet many people are unfamiliar with its wide range of capabilities and flexibility beyond simple blogging. Whether you are in need of an online storefront, a portfolio to display your creative work, a content management system (CMS) to take control of daily updates and maintenance, or a place to simply share your thoughts and your interests with the world, WordPress provides a simple and easy to use, yet powerful and attractive solution.


From installation to daily maintenance and updating, WordPress is about as simple as can be. Its easy to use, straightforward interface allows users with little or no website experience to quickly and painlessly update content, upload images and video, make simple changes to a storefront item, and perform daily maintenance. There is no need to spend hours training you or your staff on website design. With tons of free tutorials and support available on the internet, the answer to your question is most likely just a Google search away, instead of time-wasting emails and phone calls to your developer.


Gone are the days when you try to explain to your designer how you would like the site to look, or wait for them to give you a mock up, only to be less than impressed. WordPress boasts thousands of attractive free and paid themes ready to get the designing process started. You now have the opportunity to search through these themes and pick those that appeal to you. From there we go to work refining the theme to fit your visual desire. And while many of these themes provide excellent functionality from the start, we then determine what your site needs specifically and move on to plugins that help us achieve those goals.


A major factor in a successful web presence is the functionality and interactivity your site provides for your guests and clients. Once they find you online, your goal is to keep them on your site by providing visual appeal combined with features important to their experience. Again, there are thousands of plugins available offering features that will help make the user’s visit simple and enjoyable, as well as productive. Best part…most of the plugins available are free, however it is always good to “buy these developers a cup of coffee” for their hard work with a small donation.


Again, the goal of every website should be to bring the guest in, make them feel welcome, encourage them to stay awhile, and come back soon! WordPress allows guests to register on the site, create and maintain personal profile pages, contribute to discussions through authenticated comments and if you so choose, contribute to the content of the site as well. There are various levels of user registration allowing different privileges, and all of these are easily monitored and maintained by you.


While WordPress is definitely a great solution for the individual and small businesses, it is powerful and flexible enough for massive brands like Sony, eBay, The Wall Street Journal, Ford and Yahoo! to put their faith and online reputation behind it. Whether you have 100 visitors or 1 million visitors a day, WordPress stands strong and delivers your content to everyone, every time.


Now that you’re convinced WordPress is simply the best option for you, head to the Contact page and let me know about your project and how Snug Harbor Design can help!

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