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There are many channels which contribute to the online success of a business. While your website is your “home sweet home,” there are many roads that need to be well paved to bring your guests to your doorstep.  In the same sense, you’ll need good online highways to distribute your site’s valuable content to potential visitors around the web.

Snug Harbor Design offers the following services to help insure your online presence is at its peak potential:


Again, your site is the base of all of your online marketing activities, offering your unique information, services and products.  It should be informative, visually appealing and easily navigated.  Another way to think of this is…once your guests have arrived at your home, make them feel welcome, comfortable, and encourage them to stay a while.

Snug Harbor Design prefers the WordPress platform when designing and developing attractive and highly functional sites.  Among the many reasons why you should use WordPress for your website is the cost.  Free!  That alone helps your online marketing budget, freeing up resources to pave smooth roads leading into your online home through effective Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.


Search Engine Optimization is a major player in effective web design and marketing strategies.  Proper SEO on your website makes it easier for search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!) to crawl and index your content, determine relevancy and importance in relation to search words, which in turn contribute to higher organic search rankings.  Proper on-site SEO employs effective keywords, semantic markup, and internal backlinks.  However, that is one piece of the puzzle.  Off-site SEO relies heavily on incoming link-building campaigns, through the use of Content Links, Social Links, and niche Directory Listings.  The key to link-building campaigns is to generate as many incoming links as possible from relevant and reputable sites.

Together, your on-site SEO attention to detail and off-site link building prowess will provide a solid basis for your site’s search engine rankings to climb.  Higher search engine visibility generates more traffic to your site, which leads to increased online sales.  In other words, a win-win situation!

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Complementing a solid SEO approach is a well structured and focused Search Engine Marketing campaign.  Effective SEM can help steer prospective customers and clients to your doorstep when they go searching for specific terms and keywords.  The use of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns like Google’s AdWords has become one of the top approaches to online advertising for businesses.  A benefit of these campaigns is having a highly visible presence on the search engines even when your organic search rankings are still gaining steam.

In conjunction with your PPC campaigns, Snug Harbor Design can also set up and monitor your analytics across various search engines, identifying your SEM and SEO strengths and weaknesses and help to develop goals to improve the performance of each approach.


Snug Harbor Design email iconWhile Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are integral to directing visitors to your home site, email marketing campaigns are the most effective way to drive traffic down your street.  Direct email marketing provides relevant and valuable information to your current customers, informing them of products, promotions, sales and services.  Because the emails are sent to customers who have opted-in to receive them, email marketing is an affordable and efficient option to attract visitors to your site.  These specifically targeted campaigns are also easily tracked to help provide clearer insight into what keywords and terms drive higher traffic, which can translate to your SEO and SEM strategies.


Social Media is rapidly growing as one of the most powerful and influential SEO opportunities available.  To search engine crawlers, Social Media “conversations” carry relevance and importance – two major factors which lead to higher page rankings. And because Social Media provides a direct way to supply the content, products and services available on your site to those joining in these conversations, it is a streamlined, inexpensive and highly traceable method of advertising. Integrating social media into your site through the use of feeds, Facebook’s “Like,” “Follow Us,” and “Share” buttons, Twitter’s “Tweet This,” Pinterest’s  “Pin It” and Google’s “+1″ allows your visitors to share the conversation with others, which adds valuable backlinks exponentially and drives your search engine rankings even higher!

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All of the above, with serious planning and implementation, can have a profound impact on driving traffic to your site and turning visitors into customers.  Snug Harbor Design will work with you from Step One to help identify the goals you should have regarding each approach, a plan to achieve those goals, the training and support to implement that plan efficiently and effectively, and monitoring support to analyze what is working, what isn’t and what should be done to improve your site’s performance and your overall online marketing success.


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