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3 Steps To Planning Your Website: Structure

Image for "getting started" on Snug Harbor DesignSo you’ve taken the time to fine-tune how you want your dream online home to look, now it’s time to layout its function and flow. Just like a real house, it may be pretty on the outside, but if the inside is cluttered and full of obstacles, the experience your guests will have while they’re visiting may not be so comfortable, and they probably won’t stay long.

A good starting point for this organization is to know precisely what content you want to reside where, and how the guest will move between each area. Take time to create a sitemap or outline of your content with your designer, keeping in mind a few points:

  • What is your mission or purpose for having this website?
  • What would YOU want to find when you first arrive at this site?
  • What would you expect to find around the site?
  • What are the main sections of the site? What are the secondary sections?
  • Will you have products available for your guests to research and purchase?
  • Where and how will these products be displayed?
  • What is the least amount of steps possible that lead to the final conversion or sale?

Image of example site map on Snug Harbor Design

As you know, the average web user today has a fairly limited attention span, and is attracted to experiences that are quick, relevant and efficient. In other words, if they can’t get what they’re looking for right away, they’ll more than likely move on. The goal of every website should be to keep your guests around for a while and make them feel comfortable. A solid way to make sure that happens is through logical organization and flow. Give serious thought to your own experiences searching for information and products, and that will guide you best when delivering your content to your guests in an efficient and easy manner.

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